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Our response to Covid-19

On this page you find an overview of our measures and initiatives to support the health and livelihood of employees and communities in which we operate.

"Our thoughts are with all who have been impacted by the coronavirus outbreaks globally. Our focus is on running the company through the current unprecedented situation. With our first priority the health and well-being of our people, our families and our communities. We continue to work closely with our suppliers and customers and listen to their concerns about the immediate impact of COVID-19 on their businesses and to support where possible".

Dolf van den Brink - CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board

Our three guiding principles:

  1. Health, safety and trust of our people
  2. Safeguard the continuity of our business and appeal of our brands
  3. Support to the communities who are most impacted
In view of those principles, we have made the following commitments:
  • For our people: we support the health and safety of our employees, the company is ensuring that those employees, who work in production and distribution, follow strict hygiene and social distancing guidelines and receive support to do their jobs safely. Furthermore, to provide security to our employees, HEINEKEN commits until the end of 2020, we will not carry out structural layoffs, as a consequence of Covid-19.
  • For our customers: we are scaling up initiatives in support of on-trade customers across markets in all regions.
  • For our suppliers: we are committed to paying suppliers at agreed payment terms and will support its most vulnerable small and medium sized suppliers through early payments.
  • For our communities: we are deploying multiple local initiatives across our global operations in support of those who are at the front line of the Covid-19 fight. These include the donation of water and non-alcoholic beverages, the production of hand sanitisers and monetary contributions to front line medical facilities.

Read our "Response to Covid-19 and donates to the Red Cross" media release here

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We further recognise that the humanitarian community is in need of additional support. Responding to the March 26 international appeal, we are donating €15 million to support the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) relief efforts for the most vulnerable people affected by Covid-19, in particular in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Global initiatives

Back the Bars

Our brands have been enjoyed in restaurants and bars around the world for many years. Now these places are experiencing difficult times. To support them through this, we have launched the "Back the Bars" initiative. Join us to #BackTheBars.

Find out more about our local initiatives here


Back to the Bars, latest edition of Heineken® #SocialiseResponsibly

Back to the Bars, #SocialiseResponsibly

Heineken® launched a new through the line campaign titled ‘Back to the bars’ as part of its global initiative, #socialiseresponsibly. The global campaign is aimed at supporting the HoReCa around the world, by celebrating their re-opening whilst reminding consumers to behave responsibly.

Connecti-OFF, 2nd edition of Heineken® #SocialiseResponsibly


For a lot of people, life in lockdown has been filled with virtual meetings, virtual dinner dates, online birthday parties & Friday FaceTime beers. And whilst these opportunities to connect with friends, colleagues & loved ones are so vital during these difficult times, they don’t always go according to plan...! No sound, connection dropping, battery dying, frame freezing and sometimes even the occasional ‘’photo bomb’’ or ‘’pet bomb’’.

Connecti-OFF, the latest part of Heineken’s #SocialiseResponsibly campaign is something we can all truly relate to. It was even filmed and produced using Teams and Zoom meetings, we’re expecting it to be featured in over 60 countries around the world.
Take a look, stay safe & #SocialiseResponsibly


Heineken® has been synonymous with social experiences since 1873. Now that billions of us are in lockdown or self-isolating across the world, we understand the value of our social life even more. We want to keep socialising, but in a responsible way. Check out Heineken®’s new #SocialiseResponsibly video.


Since it was founded by two friends in 1870, Amstel understands how great that first moment with friends at the bar is going to be. Practice makes Perfect captures the much-practiced at 比特币登陆home moment of preparing to return to your favourite bar. This latest video will be featured in countries around the world as bars begin to reopen.Since it was founded by two friends in 1870, Amstel understands how great that first moment with friends at the bar is going to be. Practice makes Perfect captures the much-practiced at 比特币登陆home moment of preparing to return to your favourite bar. This latest video will be featured in countries around the world as bars begin to reopen.


Desperados ignites the party by livestreaming DJ sessions to 比特币登陆homes across the world

As people adjust to a new way of life, with social distancing making it difficult for people to connect, Desperados and international festival organizers elrow have come together to ignite the party spirit virtually, for consumers around the world.

With partying in its DNA, Desperados continues to push the party boundaries, creating epic experiences through wild experimentation. Elrow 比特币登陆home Sessions powered by Desperados gives people a sense of connection and energy and brings the party to people whilst they’re indoors.

Check out elrow 比特币登陆homes Sessions powered by Desperados here, where international DJs will be live streaming sets through April & May to living rooms around the world, culminating in a virtual festival at the end of May!

Re-using our very own spent alcohol

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic ethanol shortages hit health equipment providers as sanitizer demand soared worldwide. Using our very own spent alcohol, we decided to bring hand sanitizer and surface cleaner to front-line workers in need by taking advantage of our world-class manufacture, supply chains and logistics abilities. Since April 2020 we have donated nearly 850.000 sanitizer bottles to front-line hospital workers and 17.000 litres of ethanol to re-opening horeca workers in the fight against the pandemic.

Across eight countries including Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain we have been using our existing Vacuum Distillation Network to reuse and re-purpose alcohol.

Local initiatives

Africa, Middle East & Eastern Europe


The health and safety of our people is our top priority and this extends to people in our communities as well.

Our operating company, Al Ahram Beverages, launched a hygiene awareness campaign in the communities in which we operate.

4000 kits containing disinfectant soap and an awareness flyer were distributed among the families of Gianaclis, Sharkeya and around Obour plant, helping more than 2000 families.

South Africa

We support local #HealthcareHeroes - the frontline workers. We donated over a million Rands worth of personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers in designated Covid-19 hospitals in Gauteng. We also provided supplies and refreshments for hospital kitchens including tea, coffee, rusks and energy bars for health workers. In addition, we help those who cannot work at this time by distributing much needed food and comfort packs containing essential items like food and vital hygiene items to community care organisations, orphanages and municipalities.


At Nigerian Breweries Plc. (our operating company in Nigeria, NB) we recently announced our donation worth N600 million (over $1.5million) to the Nigerian Federal and State Government Task Forces Against Covid-19 (of 7 states where our breweries are located) to support the fight against COVID-19. The donation comprises monetary donations and relief materials such as the assignment of five vehicles with drivers and fuelled by NB to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) in the hardest hit states. The relief materials include 500 PPE gowns, face masks, 141,000 units of hand sanitizers as well as a sustained supply of malt, energy and soft drinks to NCDC isolation and treatment centres across Nigeria.

To raise public awareness about COVID-19, NB has released several videos online and on television. Watch the latest one here.


In Russia we joined efforts with selected HORECA-partners to support medical staff fighting with COVID-19 on the frontline by providing them with hot lunches. Medical staff are working in extreme circumstances for over 12 hours a day without a possibility to visit a canteen for regular lunch - every minute counts! Therefore we decided to support our HORECA-partners in providing doctors and nurses with a 'free, easy and ready to consume' meals solution. We are now funding over 6000 meals in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Ufa and are providing our natural energy drink ‘Solar Power’ for medical workers in night shifts. As the virus transmission continues to progress across the country, we are expanding this social initiative to other cities as well.


Our operating company, Brau Union Österreich supported the culinary partners with over 1M EUR to enable top quality draught beer to be served as soon as food businesses open again. They are also cleaning and recommissioning their partners’ dispensing equipment free of charge. In addition, they waived rent and lease payments from mid-March, provisionally to the end of April, for food businesses renting or leasing pubs or restaurants from the company. Our Wieselburg brewery donated 4,000 litres of alcohol to the Lower Austrian Red Cross to help with the manufacture of urgently needed sanitizer.


Earlier this month our operating company in Poland, Grupa Żywiec, contributed around 1,5 mln PLN (approx. 330k euro) in direct donations to hospitals in our local communities and supported a foundation that is raising money for the purchase of medical equipment.

In addition, we turned the alcohol left after production of 0.0.% beers in Żywiec into disinfectant. We partnered with the Żywiec city municipality and we distributed the product among all its’ citizens. The liquid was also gifted to a local hospital and other social services.


Saint Lucia

The safety and security of our teams and the front liners remains a key priority. In addition, our operating company has pledged to support communities, front liners and people in need. We participated in the local production of Rubbing Alcohol in collaboration with another local company and donated 3,500 Bottles of product. We are committed to continue playing a key role and use our digital platforms to amplify safe messages including social distancing protocols and responsible consumption. Learn more about our initiatives and watch the videos here.


In these challenging times our top priority is to not only take care of the health of our employees, but also everyone connected to our business. In Brazil we are involved in several initiatives to support our employees, suppliers, customers and local communities.

In a bid to support favelas, we recently joined forces with Unilever to produce and deliver ‘Cif Higienizador + Álcool cleaner’ to 210 communities in São Paulo to help prevent the spread of the pandemic in Brazil. The Cif Higienizador + Álcool cleaner is developed from alcohol donated from our breweries and disinfects all surface types.

Other initiatives range from supporting bars with our “Brinde do Bem”, a movement that is already helping more than 6,000 bars; to the donation of more than 500,000 bottles of mineral water and 6,000 basic food baskets to communities in the northeast region.


Asia Pacific


HEINEKEN Myanmar has installed 500 countertop protective units across the country. This free-standing screen protects our Off Trade Clients. The protective screen includes social distancing and hygiene guidelines.

TIGER® beer launches #SUPPORTOURSTREETS initiative across Asia

TIGER® beer launches funds and rallies people to support local pubs, restaurants, coffee shops and food courts in Asia. Read the full story here.


Food aid for more than 3000 underprivileged community members. Communities around our brewery were severely affected when the Government announced the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia. Most of these families lost their source of income during this period and had no access to food. Initially, we transformed our river care communities as community care leaders for distribution of food packs. However, when more movement control restrictions were added we had to move to a safer method of food aid distribution. We partnered with the MyKasih Foundation, who owns a platform that channels funds directly into the National Identity Card of each beneficiary. All of the funds went to the beneficiaries to purchase essential food items they needed in designated supermarkets. Through our contribution, these families were able to prepare over 80,000 meals until Government aid was available for them. In addition, our employees in Malaysia supported the community by informing them of the available Government aid, providing them advice on how to utilise their allocation for food aid and shared safety & hygiene tips.



The Brewers of Europe and its members, promoting the interests of ten thousand breweries in Europe, are calling for support to businesses in the hospitality sector. As the lockdowns end and citizens are encouraged to once again go out and socialise, it is TIME TO #RECONNECT. Find out more here.

Sustainability as Key to our COVID-19 Recovery 

As HEINEKEN we’re endorsing that the Dutch government ensure that sustainability forms a key part of their COVID-19 recovery plans. We’re asking the Dutch government to thrive towards the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their COVID-19 recovery plans.

We are making this guidance with 7 other leading Dutch multinationals – together forming the Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition. Collectively, we have recommended that the government focus on the following areas in their recovery plans and that with our combined industry knowledge and skills we will support them in realising these ambitions:

1. Endorse the EU Green Deal as one of the cornerstones of the EU Recovery Plan.
2. Build the COVID-19 recovery plan around an investment schedule that firmly puts our Dutch economy on the path of realizing the SDGs and the Paris Climate Agreement.
3. Continue to provide long-term certainty regarding the Dutch climate agreement and measurable commitments.

Visit the Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition website, for more information on our endorsement.


In Spain we are working on several initiatives. Helping the medical community with more than 10,000 litres of alcohol for the disinfection of nursing 比特币登陆homes and partner health centres and beverage supply through the FOOD4HEROES campaign. Supporting bars & restaurants, through #FUERZABAR (strength to the bars) we have launched different initiatives to help them in every phase of this crisis. From giving continuous support & advice on staff management, cleaning and preparedness for closing, to online free training content for re-opening.